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A UK-based independent production company telling stories that matter.


upcoming films & projects

From serious issues, to more whimsical or quirky projects,  we're always on the lookout for a good story and an entertaining tale to tell.  Here's what we currently have on the slate . . .

Sian New york Poster V3.png

No Fare: The Sian Green Story

Shot in New York and The UK, ‘No Fare’ is the story of Sian Green's fight to rebuild a life ripped away by the reckless actions of one man and a system that doesn’t care.

Trail of Stan Posterwith Ross.png

On The Trail of Stan & Ollie

An affectionate and personal look at two giants of comedy and cinema.

Landfill ScreenshotNEW1.png

In A Landfill Far, Far Away . . .

A fun and surprising journey into the world of Star Wars toy collectors and their search for buried treasure in the now mythical 'Palitoy Pit'.