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In August 2013, 23-year-old British woman, Sian Green is enjoying her first day in New York City, walking through Rockefeller Plaza with her best friend, Keisha. Seconds later, taxi driver, Faysal Himon drives his cab into a bike messenger, mounts the pavement and drives at speed into the plaza, hitting Sian and severing her leg.

Despite almost bleeding to death on the sidewalk, Sian survives only to see the taxi driver go unpunished and back behind the wheel within weeks. Before the crash, Sian was a confident young woman, a model and a dancer. Now begins her long struggle for compensation and justice as she tries to heal her mental and physical scars.

We follow Sian’s journey with actuality, video diaries and interviews. Her ups and downs, trying to find a job, re-learning to dance, her wedding and finding the courage to tell her story to a wider audience.

Sian survived, but many don’t. In New York, drivers can kill or maim someone and get away with it. Why are so few cases ever brought to court? Raw testimonies from the families of those killed in other crashes expose a broken system and a shameful culture of victim-blaming.

We confront the taxi driver who paints the crash as his own personal tragedy, rather than Sian’s and see Sian’s angry reactions to his attempts to connect with her through Social Media.

Through an emotional story of recovery, with cinematic set-pieces and a cast of colourful characters, ‘No Fare’ is the story of one woman’s fight to rebuild a life ripped away by the reckless actions of one man and a system that doesn’t care.

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Photographer: Matt Holt