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in a landfill far, far away . . .

Latest Trailer - 2018


'It's digging for buried treasure!'

A fun film about the search for 'The Palitoy Pit', a now mythical burial site for the last Star Wars figures ever produced by UK toy manufacturer, Palitoy.

In May 1985, all manufacturing was moved overseas and in 1994 the Palitoy site was closed for good. But what happened to all those unwanted Star Wars figures? Toys that could now be worth tens of thousands of pounds in the thriving collectibles market. Rumour has it that Luke, Han and the gang were thrown into one or more secret landfill sites and 'The Palitoy Pit' myth was born.

We join the story as new details emerge of possible locations for the haul. As a massive rail infrastructure ploughs towards some of the suspected burial sites, the clock is ticking. Will the fans work together to fund a dig? Will a rich collector swoop in to steal the glory? Will there be anything left to find In a Landfill Far, Far Away?

We pick up the trail as super fans, archeologists, and treasure hunters descend on Leicestershire in search of 'The Palitoy Pit' and a piece of plastic history.

Here’s a recent interview with the Director and Producer of the film, for BBC Radio Leicester.

'In a Landfill Far, Far Away' is currently in production and will be seeking distribution or co-production.